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  OpenAlert v1.0 (Author: CodeMonkey)
Someone needed a quick way to open the Alert window again, after they had closed it. Place this script in your \experts\scripts folder.
0 0.0 479
  KILL ALL ORDERS (All Symbols) (Author: CodeMonkey)
Someone asked me to provide them a way to close all their orders. This script will serve that purpose. Place this script in your \experts\scripts folder. When you want to close all the orders just drop this script on a chart.
1 0.0 1685
  popup tip: any bar's local time (Author: joshatt)
popup tip: any bar's local time, with help of a verticle line.
1 0.0 389
  Screenshot in the original chart size (Author: styan)
Take screenshot in the original chart size with labels (instrument, timeframe)
3 0.0 586
  SignalViewer [ ru ] (Author: icebob)
Check out any MQL5 closed positions on a chart.
0 0.0 1166
  Stop Loss and Take Profit Scripts (Author: file45)
A collection of predefined Scripts immediately available for use without having to key-in. Step-by-step instruction how to make your own Scripts from Scripts Collection.
0 0.0 2831
  Weekly and Monthly Pivot (Author: iamgotzaa)
Weekly and Monthly Pivot shows resistance and support lines of pivots using classic formula
0 0.0 2019
  The amplitude of price movement statistics - English version (Author: debar)
English version of AllAmplitude.mq4 The original script was posted here: . The output file will be stored in the MetaTrader 4\experts\files\ directory. The file name contains following information: "Symbol_Period---da
1 0.0 1344
  Open chart (Author: tomaszov)
With 3 settable parameters (currency pair, timeframe, and template) opens a new chart on your screen at the initalization period of the script.
2 10.0 3204
  Close All (Author: thinktrusttrade)
This scrip will close all your open positions in your MT4. You just need to drag it to the chart.
0 0.0 4663
  Close Pending Orders.mq4 (Author: thinktrusttrade)
This script can close all your pending orders in your MT4, or you can select different pending orders.
6 3.0 2559
  Close All Advanced (Author: thinktrusttrade)
This script can close all your open positions in your MetaTrader 4, or you can select different similar positions.
0 0.0 4623
  PZ Progressive Trading Scripts (Author: flaab)
This set of scripts has been designed to scale-in your trades as price action runs in your favor. This will maximize profits due to proper pyramiding, decrease the impact of unprofitable trading decisions and in general, make your life easier.
3 9.0 3575
  EW Elliot Wave Easy Counter Script (Author: tradertools-fx)
Drag n' drop wave counts.
1 0.0 5071
  The example of using the Named Pipes in MetaTrader 4 [ ru ] (Author: MetaQuotes)
Many developers face the same problem - how to get to the trading terminal sandbox without using unsafe DLLs. One of the easiest and safest method is to use standard Named Pipes that work as normal file operations.
2 0.0 1249
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