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Author: basisforex (2013.05.21 11:10)
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On Monday the EA is opening position only after MondayHour.

On Friday  the EA is opening position only before FridayHour.

You can switch off the TrailingStop by putting 0 (zero) to this Input parameters.


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Just thinking out loud. Since every pair has a different open time wouldn't it be helpful to have a list of the Open time for each pair based on GMT with in the EA. One day for one pair Beginning to end is different for another pair. If you are doing a Break out EA starting in the middle of the day it may not be nearly as profitable as one that begins and ends when the pair actually opens and closes.

--- What do you think?

27.11.2013 15:06 gator
08.08.2013 18:04 basisforex

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21.05.2013 15:23 basisforex