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prior day close
Author: ramin rostami (2011.12.20 15:42)
Downloaded: 3900
 prior_day_open_close_line.mq4 (2.8 Kb) View


The indicator shows the yesterday market close european market or NYSE close price.


yesterday european close or NYse close price like 8.00 am futures opend,,9.00 am europan floor markets open 17.30 europan close and 22.00 pm futures like germany index futuredax close

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open of daily?
25.04.2012 01:14 winbig

Dont you think better use time base breakout box ? BreakOut_BOX_5.mq4 base on 30 min 60 min fractal. box more durable then line give more room to play with price action,

best regards, Alex

02.01.2012 16:46 forextradin

20.12.2011 15:59 ramin11