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Accu Dist for a single currency
Author: shrung (2010.03.04 09:42)
Downloaded: 1211
 accu (5.5 Kb)
 acc_dist_graph_chf.mq4 (2.5 Kb) View
 acc_dist_graph_eur.mq4 (2.5 Kb) View
 acc_dist_graph_gbp.mq4 (2.5 Kb) View
 acc_dist_graph_jpy.mq4 (2.5 Kb) View
 acc_dist_graph_usd.mq4 (2.6 Kb) View

I think it is important to have an idea of a certain currency's Accumulation/Distribution level.

In forex we deal with pairs, and that is how transactions are made, but in the real world there are currencies like USD bills, GBP bills and so on.

I hope these indicators will be helpful to have an idea on the level of appreciation of a certain currency at a given time.

I appreciate comments and critiques, so don't be shy...

I give you five indicators for the main currencies : USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and CHF. You will need historical data for ALL THE CURRENCY PAIRS made out of these currencies (example for the EUR you will need : EURUSD, EURJPY, EURCHF, EURGBP)

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Hi, thanks for sharing.

Here are comments from my side:

  1. A picture of how the indicator looks like could be beneficial to post.
  2. The indicator should maybe need to be normalized. that means to have a minimum (for example = 0 ) and a maximum (for example = 100).
  3. Have a look at this:



04.03.2010 12:32 BlueSkyThinking