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The aggressive semi-automated scalping EA [ ru ]
Author: Oguz Bayram (2009.12.01 15:47)
Rating: 1
Downloaded: 16124
 escape.mq4 (3.0 Kb) View

Hello, Coders

Here are the rules for this EA:

  1. Use on the EURUSD and EURGBP 1M charts. (You may try others as well)
  2. Confirm price direction manually on the 5M chart and choose Only Long, Only Short or Short and Long from the MT4 Properties dialog for the ea.
  3. Close open positions moving in the opposite direction of the current trend.

I'm not a coder, but I know that this is a counter trend system, which is really not my favorite for this style of trading. Please modify this code to open orders with the direction confirmation of two indicators (your choice), and to automatically close open positions moving in the opposite direction.

There is an ongoing forum discussion of this EA at

Happy trading!

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hi pls is not work with my tread can any one help me pls

08.06.2011 14:56 raz
hi pls is not work with my tread can any one help me pls
07.06.2011 22:37 raz


14.07.2010 20:28 sureshkansara
04.05.2010 12:46 jgray110

Wow, I tried your EA and on one day it ran perfectly like a well oiled money making machine and has never won a trade since. I deleted and re downloaded but it did not help. It took a 5k new demo account from 5k to around 6,800.00 and then I walked away and came back and it drained it down to 1,500. It did all this in about 45 mins.????I am not any kind of coder or programmer. If I could get consistant results, it would be an EXCELLENT bot.

09.04.2010 16:35 2945

There are lots of updates and versions of this EA on its original forum:

Can anyone fully automate this expert using the indicators at this post, or similar indicators?

26.02.2010 06:59 pcbiz

This is a wonderful scalping EA, couldn't believe when i first saw it at work. But don't y'all think it's going to need a stoploss of say 50 pips even before the trail?

14.02.2010 02:36 shilox
can not

use... spoil... ea

08.02.2010 13:46 akeim

Can anyone add money management to this EA. I would like the lot size to increase as the equity rises and for the lot size to decrease as the equity goes down.

18.12.2009 00:24 pcbiz

Currently this EA does not trade on ECN brokers. Can anyone add that capability?

04.12.2009 00:56 pcbiz