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Time, Forex sessions and Trade Hours monitor [ ru ]
Author: gip (2009.11.10 14:16)
Rating: 9
Downloaded: 9118
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Vadim Baklanov (gip)


Indicator shows a different Forex sessions, market hours of the exchanges and user defined time lines.

It's a very useful tool for manual and automatic trading.

To perform a correct winter/summer time change, check the following parameters:

Broker_standard_time_zone - time zone, standard UTC+ broker server shift. The default value +1 - EST (Eastern Standard Time).
Broker_DST_start - Broker server's date and time for the summer time change.
Broker_DST_end - Broker server's date and time for the winter time (standard) change.


Fig 1. Trade session example

The only thing that requires explanation - the mouse icon in the right corner of the indicator.

It's mode selector. If you drag the icon located on the lower symbol, you will switch to the session borders display mode.

Fig 2. Session borders example

Fig 3. Custom defined time lines example


At timeframes M30 and H1, it shows only session borders. At higher time frames (H4 and above) it shows only time (hours).
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Hello Gip!

I need that my EA close all EURUSD trades and stop to work at 23:30 hrs. server time and work again at 24:00 hrs.

Do you know how to do it?

Thank you!

26.08.2013 16:11 sara01

I like this indi, is one of the very best session time plotters. Is it possible for you to make this compatible with offline charts also?

Currently rate it at 8/10 because it won't work on offline charts.

I just want to to display session and days properly in offline charts because MT4 does a horrible job at this.

14.12.2012 00:27 FXIA

Fig 1. Trade session example

How to set the time display?

Thank you.



02.03.2012 09:29 Kreangast
A pice of art, very professional coding
21.01.2011 19:12 arshadfx


I found a bug, on broker time -5 (New York) ...... the Tokyo and Hong Kong does not show in Live time, only in back-test.


29.12.2010 06:10 deanz

i need help i love this indicator or session in-formant tool !! except my partner and i do not want the rectangle boxes on the screen and i have not found a way to shot them off, or disable them from the programming!! please help!! this is a permanent tool to myself and trading friends, so it means a lot to us. thank you.

can you send a revision please!! i figured it out thank you nice tool!!

Hi, answer for future Users of Master gip Masterpiece Indicator - click on Mouse icon (once or twice, depends on your settings) to select it - you will get square border around Mouse icon. Then drag-and-drop this Mouse icon to circle below.

Have fun,


18.12.2010 12:01 Chistabo

for switching time saving, is it automatic?

Hi, I guess switching time saving (DST - Daylight Saving Time) is semi-automatic, you have to find DST times for your Broker, just ask uncle GOOGLE, like ex. 'DST London' (Result: Then copy / write dates and hours in Indicator Properties (or directly into Master's gip Code) - Broker_DST_start = D'27.03.2011 01:00:00'; Broker_DST_end = D'30.10.2011 02:00:00';

Have fun, Happy New Year 2011 (The Year of Changes),


18.12.2010 11:53 Chistabo

MASTERPIECE! Bow to Master gip! Bow!

Have fun,


PS: This "+RTS áčđćŕ"; = "+RTS Moscow";
18.12.2010 00:53 Chistabo
amazing. thanks man. u re da best
28.11.2010 10:11 salakosunday

Oh yes, fine work. Top banana!

04.03.2010 01:15 MOOSE