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TimeZone Indicator
Author: aurora (2009.09.11 17:25)
Rating: 8
Downloaded: 8358
 TimeZone.mq4 (6.6 Kb) View


Arif E. Nugroho


This indicator will show six line consisting of different time from all most active forex market in the world, timezone start from Home, New York, London, Tokyo, Sidney and finished with displaying time from server/broker.


TimeZone Indicator

Above is the preview of this indicator, the location for display can be configured in the indicator options which currently the default value is in top left corner.

4 comments  To post a new comment, please log in or register

Great - change London into GMT + 2 Time ZONE and ADD GMT zone - very simply... Thank You!

and TimeZone into 2 you should change also - for POLAND ...

25.09.2009 14:13 puncher

i think it's a nice one. Good job and thank you fro sharing.

15.09.2009 01:29 logan113

Yes, current active trading zone is highlighted with RED color and this market ussually open at 08.00-17.00 localtime. The color for open or closed market can be configured through indicator options which currently RED is default color for current active trading zone and BLUE is for inactive market.

14.09.2009 08:36 aurora

Do the RED lines indicate the currently active trading zones?

14.09.2009 06:58 OpaBert