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CycleIdentifier [ ru | cn ]
Author: Scriptor (2008.08.02 09:55)
Rating: 10
Downloaded: 12033
 CycleIdentifier.mq4 (14.7 Kb) View

Indicator CycleIdentifier.




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pls am interested in the modified version of this indicator

19.07.2013 08:13 08023105152
hy there can you tel me what is the best way to entry so i´m getting to mmeny false entris ig wold like you can send me a email ludgerofrancisco thank for the atencion
20.02.2013 15:45 guguxpto
I like the indicator. BUT is is prone to repaint. Is there a way to not make the spikes repaint? What I mean is keep the spikes but repaint the bold colour spikes?
08.10.2011 13:11 evaluator

Hello, i really love this ind. Will be good to have it as mtf, like in dashboard where you can see the time frames, and inside the current symbol as THICK or THIN CYCLE.

If somebody can do this, i will appreciate a lot, my skype id: jose.rumbaut, email:

Thanks in advance


10.08.2011 20:37 rumbaut99
Good indy!
21.07.2010 08:04 nbf28

how do you use it? im lost i keep losing money cause the bars disapear

19.11.2009 19:05 keithhobbs

This indicator is one in town. It can be used well by the professionals. I like it a lot. You are a genius! Thanks bro!

19.10.2009 11:44 awise303
gkdoda wrote:

Hello Scriptor,

Thanks a lot for this fantastic indicator. Just few points to discuss with you.

1. Can u just add alert in it? It will be very useful to take action on that.

2. Please explain the meaning of different colour lines.

3. Many times it happened that it gives signals, and then later on after few minutes, the signal disappeared from the screen. I'm using M15 chart. Please check that bug.


Just for information this indicator repaint and can not use with EA

01.10.2009 19:18 JeanJacques63

pls how do we use this indicator

21.04.2009 11:42 1979


do you have a EA for


05.08.2008 00:05 mikejanet