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SuperTrend [ ru | cn ]
Author: jnrtrading (2008.07.20 11:17)
Rating: 6.8
Downloaded: 30779
 SuperTrend.mq4 (4.2 Kb) View

The SuperTrend indicator here is based on the one in ProRealTime. It has the same parameters: Nbr Periods and Multiplier, and works in the same way.

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Super trend is a great indicator and I am using It in 1 min time frame, I was wandering if there is also for Meta Trader 5.

I am looking the code base of indicators for Meta Trader 5 but I cannot find supertrend.mq5

24.08.2011 18:24 dimifx


a systematic large-scale analysis of Super-Trend parameter influence and recommendations for the best parameters for all major FOREX pairs are given here:'s-parameters-for-all-major-forex-pairs-over-12-years/

The analysis is based on >12 years back testing for each currency pair.

Hope this helps in selecting your best parameters :-)
16.08.2011 14:24 numa
hard to tell, looks like this indi tells you whatever you want to hear.
02.07.2010 03:09 Deno

Great indicator! Definitely will add to my tool box!

22.12.2009 04:49 Arbritrader
Well seeing as the idiots here are not going to publish the updated article:


26.07.2008 00:06 jnrtrading
fxxx wrote:

latest version STv1.2

//|                                                        SuperTrend.mq4 v1.2 |
//|                   Copyright © 2008, Jason Robinson (jnrtrading). |
//|                             |

Thanks. I've actually updated it on here before you posted that but they haven't published it yet. Hopefully soon though.
22.07.2008 20:57 jnrtrading

latest version STv1.2

//|                                                        SuperTrend.mq4 v1.2 |
//|                   Copyright © 2008, Jason Robinson (jnrtrading). |
//|                             |

22.07.2008 03:19 fxxx
aditzas wrote:
pls , more details

The SuperTrend basically follows the trend of the price. If the SuperTrend is green and below the price then it usually indicates an up trend and vice versa. The most significant part is when the line starts to go flat. It, to me at least, provides a better visual clue of trend starting to lose momentum.

Nbr_Periods: adjusts the amount of bars for calculation. (the average true range)

Multiplier: The amount to multiply the result of the avarage true range by. This result is then added to the median price of the current bar.

That's all I can really tell you.
21.07.2008 20:59 jnrtrading
pls , more details
21.07.2008 10:02 aditzas