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Heiken Ashi Smoothed [ ru | cn ]
Author: Scriptor (2008.03.03 10:27)
Rating: 10
Downloaded: 33461
 Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed.mq4 (4.1 Kb) View
Author: Raff

Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator.

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А возможно сделать так чтобы heiken ashi отображался в отдельном графике, как ренко например. кидаем советник ставим период и открываем офлайн график???
23.12.2012 09:48 ivan2007007

There is a bug in this code.





is wrong! Correct:





PRICE_... and MODE_... have different values!!!

25.10.2011 08:24 Hanky

Do you have a "bar" version of Heiken Ashi Smoothed that appears in a subgraph? This indicator is excellent but it sometimes obscures the price action when it's in the main page. Also hopefully I can make the bar wide by dragging the top margin of the subgraph up, so that it is easily seen whether green (long) or red (short).

I have a subgraph version but it prints three colors (blue/red/yellow) and there is sometimes consecutive yellows which can be confusing. I only want two colors so there is no doubt whether long or short. Also, with this version, it has a set width no matter how wide you make the subgraph... Thanks

20.10.2011 05:38 jtimpson

does it work with mt5 trader

19.08.2011 21:12 20n7n3

Hi all

Please does any one know the formula for smoothing the heikin ashi indicator?


28.08.2009 17:31 colin77

pls whats the best currenct pair and time frame for this indicator.

18.12.2008 15:30 27-3-1984

A very nice and helpfull indicator !!

I don't use anything else anymore...

Gilbert Despeghel, Belgium.

27.04.2008 11:59 Desander