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  Description Comments Rating Downloads
  MAC3D Custom Indicator. (Author: Thecreator)
3 Dimensional MACD Ribbon.
1 0.0 42
  Order Manage EA (Author: nino_zhang)
This is a percentage of the user set stop-loss or profit robot.
0 0.0 37
  ProfitInfo (Author: gery18)
ProfitInfo is an indicator to show in one window opened buy and sell trades of defined symbols and systems.
0 0.0 19
  VR---STEALS-3 [ ru ] (Author: VOLDEMAR)
Advisor exposes not visible to brokers levels StopLoss, TakeProfit, Breakeven, Traling stop
2 0.0 1385
  Didi Index Indicator (Author: felipetto)
An indicator based on three moving averages.
5 0.0 1373
  Change Chart Symbol Menu (Author: file45)
The indicator loads as a Menu on the menu bar. Click the Symbol Menu to open or close the symbol list. Click a selected symbol to change the chart symbol.
2 0.0 163
  MA-ATR (Author: Rasoul)
This indicator combines Moving Average (MA) and Average True Range (ATR).
2 0.0 605
  Firebird hma [I] [ cn ] (Author: Scriptor)
The indicator shows the channel.
0 0.0 1861
  Donchain Channel Indicator (Author: Rasoul)
This indicator draws three Donchain bands: up, middle and down bands based on which you can design your scalping system.
3 0.0 1511
  H3, H6, H8 and H12 Candle Sticks Indicator (Author: Rasoul)
This indicator adds H3, H6, H8 and H12 time frames into your charts.
5 0.0 1384
  exad... (Author: jaipal)
My first exad.....comment if any not modified and improve ment running..
4 0.0 1394
  Camarilla Level Pivots (Author: oneoleguy)
Camarilla Level Pivots.
1 0.0 1761
  _RSIvsValue_EA (Author: thorxahest)
The EA opens transactions when RSI is Upper or Below 50
1 0.0 1714
  gSpeak Build 6xx (Author: codersguru)
The gSpeak dll for MetaTrader Build 6xx
7 0.0 174
  MTF Fractal (Author: styan)
Multi timeframe fractal indicator with "Extend_Line" and "Show_Validation_Candle" functions (compatible with MT4 build 600 or later)
10 10.0 5798
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